If you’re invited to a wedding:

Summer is the ideal season to organize a wedding and you might be invited to one.
We decided with Zalando Switzerland to present you a selection of dream dresses you could wear throughout this very special day!
But you should respect some rules:
-  No true white (exclusively for the bride)
-  No true black (it's not a funeral)
-  Too short skirt or plunging neckline because your not at a beach summer party
-  Do not wear a one color outfit… You'll be the "girl in pink/blue/grey" and not be recognized by your name. Mix your look with different other colors, fabrics, prints and accessories
-  etc.
Here some ideas  directly on zalando.ch

From left to right:
Rock and Frill Dress
Michael Kors Clutch
Unique Dress
Steve Madden Pumps
Ted Baker Dress
Sweet Deluxe Earrings
Little Mistress Dress
Guess Pumps
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