Be my Valentine!

Hi Lovers,

Today we celebrate love! So first of all, happy Valentine's Day!
What are you plans for today?
Did you find a little attention or the gift you'll offer to your babe?

I never celebrated this day.... Not 'cause I was not in love, juste because it was always a little complicated!
Restaurants are always full (guys booked in December I think), you can't improve!
But this year, my sweetheart surprised me! And booked last month for a candlelight dinner.

And because I'm working on a big project 24/7, I forgot my gift! If it's your case too... Here are some ideas! Hurry up and enjoy your Valentine's day.



364311_in_ppCharlotte Olympia Love Me pumps

504000_in_ppAlison Lou Love U earrings


Something from the Isabel Marant new collection globalbanner_sb_20150210_cksale_1-0Yes, you could find great underwear and have this discount!

images logo-1You can find great pieces from the sold corner and benefiting another discount (this second one is for the falling Euro) AND ASK ADVICE TO THE SELLER….:)

Gift2_lSpecial Love coffret from Kiehl's! For HER and HIM

MAIN1_east_20150209_backpacks_1-0Like women, men need a bag! And this selection is sporty and colored! 

sportyMy boy runs, so maybe your too? A great kind of gift to motivate him going out and run:) See more details here
hoyoAnd what about a cigar? For me it's always a good idea! Lot of choice here and bring him to a great place with a bottle of Champagne!


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