Tartan-Flowers-Lace Dress

Last time with uncombed hair... I promised it to myself!
While I was walking below the railway station of Lausanne, I decided to have a break at the Milan's Park and surprise! There's a Botanic garden.

Of course, with this cold weather, you cannot imagine how pretty  this place is !
So I decided to have a shoot with my today's outfit! And if you follow me correctly, you'll see (in a few months) an unbelievable ornated place!

But until then I first want to go to my hairdresser and guess what... I opted for a glamorous haircut:)

It should match better with my Zara dress with the  tartan, the flowers and the lace!  Right now I decided to keep my beanie, and I'm sure you'll understand when seeing the weather and the snow this morning !
Have a good evening and sweet and shiny dreams :-)botanic1 botanic2 botanic3 botanic4 botanic5 botanic6 botanic7Outfit from Zara
Boots: zalando.ch
clutch: Celine (Vintage)

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