Swiss landscape


For those who know, I've got a sister! She loves fashion like me and she has a talent for photos! (she takes most of the photos you can see on my blog) so we often work together...what a pleasure:)

What is more natural than to have a coffee with her at her school (she's gonna be engineer)?
And when I arrived, I saw this beautiful alley between the trees just near the lake. So I decided to share with you this beautiful landscape, but with me in the middle (hum hum… :)

So with the windy weather, I was wearing my new See by Chloé boots! I'm so in love with them… aren't you? And a leather short with cream lace sweatshirt assorted to my Yves Saint Laurent scarf. A nice feeling of softness for my sensitive chin;)

Have a nice day!

epfl1 epfl2 epfl3 epfl4 epfl5 epfl6Outfits: Zara
Boots: See by Chloé 
Scarf: Yves Saint Laurent
Bag: Longchamp

Photos by Mathilde Cassani


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