Even if I still look pretty white you can see some sun traces on my back…
But I love this dress and since I cannot wear it in Winter, I have no other choice (even if monokini could be the solution… Maybe I have to think of it…)
And you can see a part of my tattoo I've had made some years ago.

It's a Tibetan Mantra, a prayer Tibetan monks recite everyday to give them chance for the day. I've watched a long time ago a TV report about Tibet and I literally fell in love with this small country. With its culture, lifestyle and people.  I tried 3 years ago to travel there but  unfortunately borders were closed… but one thing is sure : I'll make it one day!

Tips about this next trip are welcome:)

yumikim6 yumikim5 yumikim4 yumikim3 yumikim2 yumikim1 yumikim

Dress: Yumi Kim
Clutch: H&M
Sunglasses: Asos

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