Showroom Edelweiss: Day #2

Hi you!

For this second day at the Edelweiss Showroom, I decided to talk about my competition:)

I was with a friend (she's got a blog: here) ! We first decided to have a look at the different rooms.

So much to see that I missed on Friday the Lily 2013 competition where RS Hader won.
Congrats to Jeremy Gaillard, winner of the Bon Génie competition (Haute Ecole d'Art et de Design, HEAD). Both were on Friday night. It was a real must !

We visited all rooms! So much to see, so many amazing Swiss designers!
We should all know we have such talents in our small country.
And I almost forgot to tell you about the Redoute competition !
The purpose was to choose an outfit and shoot with it! You’ll find photos on Edelweiss’ website next week and you will have to vote. The results will be given by the end of October.
Please, vote and I’ll keep my fingers crossed, you know why …. ;-)
You can see down here my shooting ! Do you like this jacket? I love it!
Now back to the Showroom! Thank you so much to Edelweiss for this amazing event.
I met many people, had real crushes and made many discoveries !
Mark your calendar for next year!
So now, let me show you some pictures of my outfit "La Redoute"... It's a special collection with Ba&Sh, Le Mont St Michel and Courrège.

Check la Redoute website, ça vaut le détour!

la redoute la redoute la redoute la redoute la redoute la redoute

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