Showroom Edelweiss: day #1

So, how should I start ?... I just arrived and was welcomed like a princess, with a smiling staff and a magnificent location very nicely decorated for the occasion!

Designers are spread over 5 floors, so logical as it may be, I started with the first floor:)

Let me tell you about my today's crush.

I just had heard about a jewelry designer and what a surprise? It was in my first line of vision... Have you already heard about Bijoux Coquette? Fine, feminine and discrete but so beautiful! Principally made with red gold, that's the perfect way to have everyday's accessories that stays classy! This designer begun in March but was already invited to New-York's fashion week this last September, so imagine the talent! Here is her website address:

Next floor I visited one of my favorite rooms: Baies d'Erelle & Viva Frida! Between vintage clothes and jewels, you meet two amazing girls! Looking forward to seeing them again! I'm sure it'll be soon!
The first time I heard about Baies d'Erelle was through a friend! Totally in love with ALL of her jewels (Yes, you read it right: ALL jewels)... She was the Baies d'Erelle's first model (check in the official website, she's beautiful!), she introduced me Erelle and her creations, I literally had a feeling about them.
So today, some photos of her creations! And of course, to complete the look, midi skirt and blouse from Viva Frida, I'm sure you already see the shop if you are from Lausanne, Switzerland. That's a colored shop you want to enter in! You have to!:)

On the third floor, I entered in the last room of my first day....(that's what said my purse!) I discover a original kind of jewels: they're derived from timepieces. Yes! You can wear the same mechanisms you have in your watches! But as a necklace, earring, etc! The packaging were so cute! You can find the pieces in Geneva, Paris, Holland... "T'AS PAS L'HEURE" by Laure Gaury is a unique concept!
In the same room, My full attention was captured on clothes, particularly on a wonderful dress, a red one! I fell in love. What do you think about the red dress I am wearing here down?
All creations are similar: so cool!!

After that, we had a coffee with the Edelweiss Magazine team (thank you Vanessa for the invitation) and other bloggers! That was so nice to meet them, and fun because I had only seen them on their blog!
Soraya Bakhtiar & Oriana from the tall blond, nice to meet you girls! And thank you L'Oréal Paris for the gift! I love it!

So guys, see you tomorrow for news from the Edelweiss Showroom and now some pictures of my day !

Bijoux Coquette Bijoux Coquette

Baies D'Erelles Baies D'Erelles Baies D'Erelles Baies D'Erelles

Viva Frida Viva Frida


Little Black Dress Little Black Dress


L'Oréal Gift caffé caffé

Outfit of the day:
Sweat: Sandro
Blouse & hat: H&M
Skirt: Asos
Shoes: Zara
Bag: Cheap Monday
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