December Competition with Reficis! (over)

Hello girls!

Some weeks ago I was invited to the Refecis Showroom! A new Swiss vegan cosmetic brand.
And for this December, we decided to let you win some products:
A make-up remover cream and a proofing cleansing gel !

They are all natural and vegan. They are friendly planet products and you will receive all the needed informations with them!

I'm really fan of them, my skin is doing better day after day…  I really hope you will like them too! (Looking forward to hearing from you about them!:)

 To participate:

- Like my Facebook page and follow me on Instagram

- Like Reficis Facebook page

- Invite 2 of your friends to like our Facebook page and my Instagram (exactly as you will) and send me a message with your address (where I can send you the packages if you should win!!)

This competition is only for Swiss guys and entirely free!
Good Luck!:)

reficis2jpg reficis2 reficis

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