December Competition with Reficis! (over)

Hello girls!

Some weeks ago I was invited to the Refecis Showroom! A new Swiss vegan cosmetic brand.
And for this December, we decided to let you win some products:
A make-up remover cream and a proofing cleansing gel !

They are all natural and vegan. They are friendly planet products and you will receive all the needed informations with them!

I'm really fan of them, my skin is doing better day after day…  I really hope you will like them too! (Looking forward to hearing from you about them!:)

 To participate:

- Like my Facebook page and follow me on Instagram

- Like Reficis Facebook page

- Invite 2 of your friends to like our Facebook page and my Instagram (exactly as you will) and send me a message with your address (where I can send you the packages if you should win!!)

This competition is only for Swiss guys and entirely free!
Good Luck!:)

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My Alexander Wang X H&M experience

Hello guys,
I'm so proud of this shoot! I like the quality of the photos and of course this outfit.
A little while ago, I told you everything about the capsule collection of Alexander Wang X H&M (check it out here).

So this time I'm not gonna tell you about the line itself, but about the shopping experience.

Like every girl, I woke up at 4am to be ready and posted in front of the shop at 5am.
I was so excited that I woke up early enough to have time to prepare a hot tea mug and something for Breakfast. And then began the line up and the wait for the shop to open...
I had some great moments with the other girls waiting! And guess what: I was indeed the first one to shop! :)

The collection is crazy! Sporty but if you mix it well, you can end up with a great outfit!

I bought the leggins and a tunic, I was a bit sad because in Lausanne, they didn't have any shoes to sell! Sad girl…. But I still was first so I got the other stuff that I wanted!

Here's the result!


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Free People

Hello my Dears,

I've been working a lot these past few days.... not so much time for my blog!:(
I apologize and have a new post for you!

I found this dress on (Free People) and instantly had a crush on it! But one flaw: it's transparent! I mean, this is a very difficult dress to wear in Summer for an everyday-style! But it has been solved! I just have to wear black tights...And with an opaque one, no worry!:)
It's a kind of gothic look but with a casual sweater and my Boy (you'll see it often here 'cause i love it so much.... nothing can be perfect without it).

Oh and I almost forgot: follow me on my Instagram account and on Facebook! I'm preparing some surprises for the end of the year… You're gonna like it! (And you can also share it with your friends ;)


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Fall with a Luv Aj belt

"It's so strange that autumn is so beautiful yet everything is dying." I love that quote, it's quite a famous one, but yet so true!
It may be getting colder as we are approaching winter, but there are so many colors everywhere: red, orange, yellow… all these warm colors that suit perfectly my khaki skirt! And it's convenient since khaki is one of the colors of the season. Don't you think this color stands out in the photos below? And I wore it with grey, as I love this color which goes with everything, at every season, don't you agree? And even if both are well known colors, they match perfectly together!

Secondly, -this has no link with what's above- I have a question for you guys. We're going to Amsterdam next December (for the whole weekend), so any tips are welcome!

luvaj7luvaj10 luvaj9 luvaj8
luvaj6 luvaj5 luvaj4 luvaj3luvaj luvaj2 luvaj1 Coat & Beanie : Zara
Jacket: H&M
Skirt: Asos
Shoes: Minelli
Belt: Luv Aj
Bag: Chanel
Tee: Rodarte
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sunny friday

Thank god, it's friday!

And what a sunny friday… We had lunch on a terrace today, the weather was gladly warm enough . And after that, we had a long and interesting conversation with a naturopath in a special pharmacy in Lausanne.

However I'm wondering if some special posts about "Lifestyle & Health" would interest you guys… fashion fits in well with a healthy lifestyle!

There's more to come! I'm counting on you for comments about these new posts coming. 

For now, appreciate this sunny time (if it's the case where you are) on this evening and have a great weekend!

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