Kate Moss & Topshop


2010 was Kate Moss’s 14th and latest collection  for Topshop. There was no way to wear any clothes from the British top model … until today, Monday October 7th !

New partnership imagined by the undefeated fashion reference. Topshop didn’t reveal details about this collection being created, but this one will be composed by prêt-à-porter items, shoes and accessories. Working with Topshop for a new collection with her name is so exciting, admits Kate Moss.

You'll find these creations from April 2014 in the Topshop stores among the 40 countries as well as by e-commerce partners and the Topshop e-shop.

Can’t wait seeing it, and you?


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Street colored style

Before Saturday night,

I'd like to talk to you about this style.

I like large trousers, but my heart's mostly with skinny jeans! So hard to change a habit... I tried today because I love this emerald satin trousers so much, don't you?
This color matches perfectly the beanie (yellow mustard). I enjoy wearing these trousers because the temperatures allowed it today. So now, let's just hope this winter will be nice and warm!

What do you think about the necklace?
According to Vogue Magazine (French one), the necklace will be THE piece of your outfit you should worry about this coming season.

Have a nice week-end!




trousers, top, shoes, bag, necklace and beanie: Zara
jacket: Alexander Wang
bracelets: Thomas Sabo & Cruciani
ring: Marc Jacobs




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Today I would like to introduce the best skin care I ever tried... Kiehl's!
Some days ago, I went to the Kiehl's shop, in Lausanne and decided to buy the Midnight Recovery Concentrate after reading a lot of good comments about it.
And now I understand why it is the number one customers' favorite!

2-3 drops of this Elixir of Pure Essential Oils and Distilled Botanicals and your skin is restored by the next morning.
Believe me, you'll wake up with another skin : this is perfection!

No joke, this is amazing! You'll get a flawless skin!  So I decided to buy some other products and returned to the shop (Globus, Lausanne).

I must recognize that the sales consultants are really responsible, good advice and beside this, nice!
I bought the creamy avocado eye treatment and received free samples: the cleanser, the tonic and a corrective solution.
I have some little wrinkles under my eyes due to dehydration - and not to my age (that point will arrive in a few years): they're already disappearing! And about the cleanser, WAOUW ! So creamy... A real pleasure to clean my skin.

Kiehl'sI really recommend these products! Visit their website on http://www.kiehls.ch

PS: If you happen to travel to the US, do not hesitate, Kiehls' is less expensive there!

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Isabel Marant For H&M

Hi everybody,

You were waiting for it, now you got it!
You can now prepare your wishlist about Isabel Marant for H&M collection. Last but not least: the collection is amazing! She takes over from Maison Martin Magiela, Versace, Jimmy Choo and many others... Congrats Isabel! A capsule collection worthy of your name!
With a timeless prêt-à-porter, cosy and cosmopolitan, that's the mix of bohemian, rock, western or sportswear inspiration.

I'm now counting the days and have blocked a lot of time slots for it in my diary (feeling a genuine need for this). Let me show you my wishlist and the lookbook  starring Lou Douillon, Milla Jovovich among famous others models.




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Chanel Inside

Yesterday night occupation: watch the Chanel Inside for about 5 several times.

I couldn't keep it for myself, so I had to write something about it and share this experience.

Maison Chanel realized a mini serial on Gabrielle Chanel's life and  just published the last episode called "Chanel by Karl". Between inventions and creations, the famous life story: the perfume, the icons, the modernity, the woman, the elegance, the idea... All these kinds of words to describe the cosmopolite effect of Chanel.

Just let you drawn by the first chapter "N°5", and the others will follow directly.
Personally I only wear Chanel number five...  not like Marilyn, before bedtime but as a daily pleasure.

Discover the story about this amazing fragrance in which you can't identify the stronger ingredient. Find out why certain events happened and what they caused in the magical universe of this house of fashion.

Check the links below (French & English) and enjoy :)


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