Swiss landscape


For those who know, I've got a sister! She loves fashion like me and she has a talent for photos! (she takes most of the photos you can see on my blog) so we often work together...what a pleasure:)

What is more natural than to have a coffee with her at her school (she's gonna be engineer)?
And when I arrived, I saw this beautiful alley between the trees just near the lake. So I decided to share with you this beautiful landscape, but with me in the middle (hum hum… :)

So with the windy weather, I was wearing my new See by Chloé boots! I'm so in love with them… aren't you? And a leather short with cream lace sweatshirt assorted to my Yves Saint Laurent scarf. A nice feeling of softness for my sensitive chin;)

Have a nice day!

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Mercedes-Benz Fashion Days Zürich

Hi guys,

As you may know, I was invited to the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Days Zurich last Thursday.

That was the 4th years of this event!  NYC has its Mercedes-Benz fashion event, Milan has one, Paris and London have one (those are the most popular, but there's one in Berlin, Prague, and many more, too!), and now Switzerland has one! But it's only a few days and not a whole week... So we called it Fashion Days :)

on Tuesday was dresscode "smart casual", but I decided to add another trend to it: pastel colors!

Result: mint green and a "emerald" blazer. My dream would have been to wear my new Isabel Marant outfit but decided to keep it for a next post, so suprise, surprise!:)

The place was so amazing! Schiffbau in Zurich is  beautiful and perfectly matches this kind of events.

Now, check some pictures of this evening. Unfortunately, the pictures I took weren't good, so I downloaded the Usgang ones...

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Isabel Marant for H&M

Hi you!

Did you have time to recover from this crazy November 14th?
You know what I mean.... Isabel Marant pour H&M! :)

As you may know (by Instagram & Facebook), I was invited by H&M to the "avant-première brunch shopping" at Geneva. In the early morning… but I don't care 'cause I had been waiting long enough to have some pieces of this amazing collection: time was up! (You must probably know that Isabel Marant collection for H&M looks a lot like her regular collections)

So I arrived at 7:30 AM at the front of the main entrance: SO MANY PEOPLE WERE ALREADY WAITING... I entered the shop, and here it was in a whole corner of the shop: THE collection.

But that was so stressful! Girls had all gone crazy and were taking as many pieces as they could!
Fortunately, the crazy reversible bomber with the accompanied skirt were still there (I could sleep with this bomber as it is so soft….), so were the linen white tank top and a bracelet! I'll show you soon since I've already planned to (perfectly) wear this new outfit:)

Therefore, when I was done fighting with the others fashion girls to get my pieces, I received a small shopping bag with a surprise: a satin big scarf and a breakfast package from Martel.

Trust me, this was totally crazy, but I'm SO HAPPY :D

Here some photos of this event and have a good evening!BZAqI5gIQAA23lK.jpg-large Continue reading

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I Am-sterdam

Hi you, did you have a good weekend?

Personally, mine was awesome! It started on Friday already, as I went to Amsterdam with my sister. It was my first time there, I found the city incredibly cute!

Houses leaning forward, hundreds of bridges, bikes everywhere, nice people, … and many shops that we don't have here, in Switzerland!
Since we only went for one day and one night, we walked to see as much as possible, and at the end our legs were pretty much dead I'd say… But totally worth it!

Before that, Amsterdam wasn't really my dream city but now, I just want to go back!!

And what about you, have you been there already? Did you like it as much as I did?

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Yes anyone can dream, so I have my secret wish list!

Furthermore, I've made a collage today to let you know what I'm obsessed with…
I'm in a "shoes & bags" period. For a long time, these pieces have been quite often haunting my dreams.

Show me your bag and I'll tell you who you are… As you can see there're The Proenza Schouler PS11 (Sooo… unbelievable! So New York souvenirs) The Chanel Boy (I think the color doesn't really matter… Black, yellow, nude, green… My crush would be for any of these!), The 3.1 Phillip Lim Pashli Medium Satchel (How could a big bag possibly be greater than this one?:) and…. The Celine Trapeze bag (An old love story between us… I went yesterday to the shop to make a reservation… real bad thing for my bank account!)
And about shoes, I've been looking for these Balenciaga ankle boots everywhere for months… sold out :(. In the meantime, there're the Isabel Marant Bobby sneakers and they match perfectly with the Moschino iPhone case.

Accessories are important and I've recently discover LeiVanKash, do you like her jewels? I'm so in love with these two pieces.

AND LASTY (drums rolls) the Celine coat… nothing else to say, the photo speaks for itself!


collage-wishlist-novembre copie



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