In the garden

Good morning Peeps!
Did you have a good weekend?

I'm working on specials projects, and I'm looking forward to presenting them to you… 'cause I'm sure you're gonna love them!:)

But until that's done, let me show you a new shoot to begin the week.

I hope your week is starting nicely and stay tuned, more information is coming…








Tee: H&M
Blouse: Zara
Trousers: Rag & Bones
Pumps: Asos
Necklace: Accessories
Clutch: Bought in Italy
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Easter is over…

Hello everyone!

Did you have a good Easter weekend? No more chocolate?:)

Personally, I ate so much of these cute chocolate bunnies…. But fortunately (or not) I won't eat a single one anymore, or I'll simply be sick!

Today I would like to introduce you a new Swiss sunglasses brand: Perspect.

A brand recently created by two young and dynamic students from Lausanne, I like it and it looks promising to me! I like the mix of colors… check out some more models on their website: here

I wish you a very good week with this new shot! (Of course with my beloved Balenciaga cut-out ankle boots:))
perspect perspect2 perspect3 perspect4 perspect5 perspect6 perspect7

Crop top: Topshop
Sunnies: Perspect
Skirt: COS
Booties: Balenciaga
Clutch: H&M
Necklace: Bon Génie Grieder
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New skin on my blog soon….and a new post is up!:)

Hello guys,

I have so many things to do for my new job… but I'm back now!
Last weekend I went to the Caprices Festival, it's a crazy event on top of the mountains!
Electro music, crazy moments and everything with my friends made this weekend awesome!
And because the sun's been back for a while, I had a walk in the botanical garden of Lausanne…. So many flowers! But like we say: "March - we get behind the stove…April, we'll still be there and May, off we go to the garden…" OK, I went to the garden, but well dressed… so I don't get a cold the following day!
And there's even more to come: this evening, I'm having a Meet&Great with Kiehl's, so looking forward to it!
You'll know more about it on the blog soon!
Have a great day!
botanic6 botanic7 botanic8 botanic9 botanic10 botanic5 botanic4 botanic3 botanic botanic2
Blazer: CARVEN
Sneakers: ASOS
Sunnies: PRADA
Necklace: ZARA
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Good Morning,

As you probably know I have a new job which keeps me pretty busy ! That’s the reason why I am not as active on my blog as I was a few weeks ago ! Before sundown and the rainy night, I had a shooting session with my Balenciaga “cut-out ankle boots”.

I really hope the sun is coming back by the end of the week for we have a big event on Saturday. Partying on top of the mountains during the day with great DJs !
I’ll come back to you later! Have a nice day !

7 6 5 4 3 2 1Dress: COS
Boots: Balenciaga
Clutch: Alexander Wang
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I got the eye of the Tiger

It's all about Kenzo today…
I totally agree with this new trend that consists of wearing a knitwear, especially a sweater, not just for training but for an everyday-outfit.

The Eye of Kenzo naturally got my attention first (here is an example). But as I visited Kenzo Georges V shop in Paris, I had a crush on the Tiger one! With a blouse which underneath and a pencil skirt it is totally classic but so trendy…. Or you could simply wear it with a coated pants, I agree:)

So with a sunny day, here the result:
Have a nice day!

kenzo7 kenzo6 kenzo5 kenzo4 kenzo3 kenzo2 kenzo1kenzo8

Knitwear: KENZO
Shoes and pants: Zara
Blouse: Sandro
Necklace: Topshop
Sunnies: Carerra
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