Oh Boy!

Let me tell you about my dream bag : the Chanel Boy.
You can see a few of them.. That's the new It-bag for every trendy woman !
From its first moments it had been seen by the fashionistas. It was during the Chanel Fall/Winter 2011 Fashion Show.

No doubt, everybody wanted its Chanel Boy as soon as it was available !

Chanel-Boy-Bag-CollectionThe Boy has everything to seduce: History, Behavior, Modernity.

The History of Gabrielle Chanel, of course… But also her love for Boy Capel and the result : a handbag in honor of this guy !

The Behavior: "Boyish" as we say and almost manly. You can wear it with everything! It brings a spectacular touch.

The Modernity: No more double CC clasp and a rock style for this It-bag.

images-11And Chanel knows perfectly how to make it be desired by women …
If you want your Chanel Boy you have to fill out a waiting list and as soon as the Chanel boutique gets one, or a few, you have to be very fast to be sure to get yours !

I am looking forward to having the chance one day to have my own Chanel Boy :)

images-12 Chanel-Metallic-Boy-Bags-from-Spring-Summer-2014-300x214 images

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