Mercedes-Benz Fashion Days Zürich

Hi guys,

As you may know, I was invited to the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Days Zurich last Thursday.

That was the 4th years of this event!  NYC has its Mercedes-Benz fashion event, Milan has one, Paris and London have one (those are the most popular, but there's one in Berlin, Prague, and many more, too!), and now Switzerland has one! But it's only a few days and not a whole week... So we called it Fashion Days :)

on Tuesday was dresscode "smart casual", but I decided to add another trend to it: pastel colors!

Result: mint green and a "emerald" blazer. My dream would have been to wear my new Isabel Marant outfit but decided to keep it for a next post, so suprise, surprise!:)

The place was so amazing! Schiffbau in Zurich is  beautiful and perfectly matches this kind of events.

Now, check some pictures of this evening. Unfortunately, the pictures I took weren't good, so I downloaded the Usgang ones...

601561157 601561160 601561163 601561190 601561203 601561217 601561227 601561235 601561248 mbzu mbzu2

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