Today I would like to introduce the best skin care I ever tried... Kiehl's!
Some days ago, I went to the Kiehl's shop, in Lausanne and decided to buy the Midnight Recovery Concentrate after reading a lot of good comments about it.
And now I understand why it is the number one customers' favorite!

2-3 drops of this Elixir of Pure Essential Oils and Distilled Botanicals and your skin is restored by the next morning.
Believe me, you'll wake up with another skin : this is perfection!

No joke, this is amazing! You'll get a flawless skin!  So I decided to buy some other products and returned to the shop (Globus, Lausanne).

I must recognize that the sales consultants are really responsible, good advice and beside this, nice!
I bought the creamy avocado eye treatment and received free samples: the cleanser, the tonic and a corrective solution.
I have some little wrinkles under my eyes due to dehydration - and not to my age (that point will arrive in a few years): they're already disappearing! And about the cleanser, WAOUW ! So creamy... A real pleasure to clean my skin.

Kiehl'sI really recommend these products! Visit their website on

PS: If you happen to travel to the US, do not hesitate, Kiehls' is less expensive there!

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