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Hello guys !

It's been a while, I know, and I'd like to apologize for my absence.
I've been working on a big project of Personal shopping with my work partner, but be assured that I will explain  everything to you in the next post.
And some weeks (maybe even months) ago, I kindly received from Kiehl's Switzerland some new products to try ! And what a couple of great products: The Clearly Corrective Clarity toner and the Serum.
It's an advanced skin retexturing toner - but I'm turning 26, so "advanced" term does not scare me!:) It clears and gently re-texturizes the skin… The result? A cleaner and softer skin ready to receive the Serum Care!
With activated C that visibly diminishes dark spots and skin discoloration (Even if I already had a perfect skin, lol!)
I've been using it for a month now (maybe more) accorded with the serum I use in the morning and in the evening and I can really see the difference !
I would not hesitate : it is THE investment you can do for your skin!
Even if it's hot during the Summer and undoubtedly your skin is getting oily and shiny... so was mine, it's only natural ! But I don't need to wear  a lot of make-up anymore to hide that: just a touch of bb Cream and a good skin care and I find myself with a baby skin!
Trust me, try it! (and if you buy and try the whole game-product, just let me know…. I'd be interested in your comments)


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