H&M well started the inevitable drip-feed of teasers for its forthcoming collaboration with Balmain, which hits stores and digital shelves on November 5.
The lookbook is out and there are just few days left until the colllaboration goes on sale, so it's time to get your shopping list sorted.

Check out everything that will be available from the Balmain X H&M collection below.

I'm not so surprised that Gigi, Jourdan and Kendall are the faces of the Balmain x H&M campaign - all three have worn pieces from the collection to high-profile events over the last few months (check them out on their Instagram account for proof)...They perfectly represent the spirit of Balmain ! And I'm thinking to myself: Wonderful girls in wonderful outfits:)

The bad point of the collection is ... the price ! This is the most expensive capsule collection ever.

Price tag for a dress? 400 Euro! OUCH!

However when you'll see the collection and enter in a euphoric mood 'cause it is a step forward to the ultimate objective namely BALMAIN.... Maybe it'll sweeten the pill...Mark your agenda... It's coming!

balmain-1-xlarge balmain-5-xlarge balmain-2-xlarge balmain-3-xlarge balmain-4-xlarge balmain-6-xlarge balmain-10-xlarge balmain-9-xlarge balmain-7-xlarge balmain-11-xlarge balmain-8-xlarge balmain-14-xlarge balmain-13-xlarge balmain-12-xlarge balmain-16-xlarge balmain-15-xlarge balmain-17-xlarge balmain-19-xlarge balmain-18-xlarge balmain-20-xlarge

Oh, and boys don't cry, the mens' collection got crazy pieces which we (woman) can borrow for a casual-chic look. (Think about the Balmain tee in khaki!) 

HM-18-GQ-15Oct15_b_320x480 HM-17-GQ-15Oct15_b_320x480 HM-15-GQ-15Oct15_b_320x480 HM-11-GQ-15Oct15_b_320x480 HM-10-GQ-15Oct15_b_320x480


So see you on the 5th of November with coffee and tea!I might be the first in line to get the blazer, hehe!

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