Free People

Hello my Dears,

I've been working a lot these past few days.... not so much time for my blog!:(
I apologize and have a new post for you!

I found this dress on (Free People) and instantly had a crush on it! But one flaw: it's transparent! I mean, this is a very difficult dress to wear in Summer for an everyday-style! But it has been solved! I just have to wear black tights...And with an opaque one, no worry!:)
It's a kind of gothic look but with a casual sweater and my Boy (you'll see it often here 'cause i love it so much.... nothing can be perfect without it).

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Freepeople2freepeople9 Freepeople8 Freepeople7 Freepeople6 Freepeople5 Freepeople4 Freepeople3


Dress: Freepeople
Pumps: Steve Madden
Sweater: Mango
Scarf: Yves Saint Laurent
Bangle: Isabel Marant
Bag: Chanel
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One Response to Free People

  1. initialscb says:

    Ta robe est canon, j’adore la dentelle!

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