Fit’n’Tasty Detox Cleanse

Dear all,
My first post for 2016 is now ready, and we're going to talk about good resolutions! For this new year, I would like to have better life habits.
I'm really determined to do more sport, eat better food, take better care of my skin… And what better way than a detox to get back on tracks ?
After months following Fit'n'Tasty on Instagram, I've decided to try a week-detox cure and chose the "Green Warrior" one.

Also because it's near my home and they use organic, seasonal and local foodstuffs.
But first of all, how does it work? 
- You choose your kind of detox: combinated with a meal for beginners, multi juice-detox or the green ones for those who’ve already done a detox (more difficult!)
- You can have a 1 day-, 3 day-, 5 day- or 7 day-cure and choose when it starts.
- Deliveries are between 6:30 and 9:30 AM, and the deliverer won’t ring to let you sleep :) - good point -
-A delicious Ginger-lemonade to kick off the day, a glass of almond milk to finish it and in between, tasty juices every 2 hours.. so all day long ! :)
In your juices you can taste ingredients such as: Kale, cucumber, apple, spirulina, etc.
They just are so yummy!
Day by day:
The first day is easy, as most of you've already had a day without meal: because of your job, or you sleep until afternoon, etc.
The second day is a little bit more difficult as you begin to really feel like chewing something, even if you're not hungry.. Personally, I think that's the worst part but it’s the same for all detox cures anyway ! :)
Third day and until the end: Paradise! You won't be hungry, your skin starts to become more beautiful already, you'll sleep less but better cause you're not digesting heavy meals.
I had a 5 day-detox juices cure and it helped me to get stronger, to readjust my meal quantities and their quality… you should try it! Even if it’s just for one day!
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Just check on their Facebook account to get a discount, they often have special offers :)
If you need more information about your cure, do not hesitate: write me here.
See you soon peeps! Xxx
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