Last night I was invited tot he Diesel Edelweiss Event (Edelweiss, the magazine).
It was the occasion to check out the new collection and of course, the new Diesel Black Gold collection. This was amazing !

I tried some jeans for the items were available ! well, they suited perfectly, but what a blast when I saw this jumpsuit …


But let me introduice you the collection (my crushes)

34432812sw_12_f 45232818bj_12_f 37566561UF_12_F 34432842DU_12_R 22000090cd_12_r 39441126tw_12_f 36539892jj_12_f 22000113ae_12_r 44662480SI_12_A 38384010cq_12_r 39441030KO_12_R 45232869sa_13_f

If you want/need these items, go to your Diesel Shop and enjoy yourself!:)

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