My week with Detox-Delight

Good evening everyone,

I'd like to talk about my juice Detox Delight from last week.
You read me correctly, five days of juices only! But I'm always up for a challenge, especially if it concerns my heath and well-being.

But first of all, what does Detox mean? It stands for detoxification, or removal of toxic substances. It is the process of activating the body's natural powers for purification. 

Here a short video from Dr. Alejandro Junger (Author of "CLEAN") explaining detox: "CLEAN"

And why give up food for five days? To allow the body to switch into a natural detox mode, and therefore cleanse your body from all the toxins and waste. Even if you already have a healthy diet, stress, traces of environmental toxins, cosmetics, etc. will intoxicate your body and your mind. More specifically, this clean program will restore your energy level, make your skin glow and you might loose weight too.


And contrary to what some of you may think, that cleanse wasn't a living hell (ok, maybe a little need of sugar on the first day but that's it).
That was a real pleasure to wake up the following morning, drinking my juices during the day (they changed 2 times in the week and were so tasty), feeling light and happy, having a good mine and above all feeling so good!

Don’t forget about the offer with Detox Delight Switzerland I told you last week.
Book your detox now and get your detox week for CHF 399.00 by referring me to Jasmin who will take good care of you and help you choose the perfect program depending on your needs. 

cure detox delight detox delight
And now my feelings day by day:

- Day 1: feeling a little bit in needing sugar or something to chew. I mean, not hungry but it changes too fast and surprisingly, I have not been able to drink all juices! Strange…

- Day 2: The day one feeling disappeared… I really appreciate the taste of juices and always tried to find out what the flavors were.

- Day 3: I receive the second juices package in the morning. Really different recipes because when you detox with juices, you feel more the tastes (maybe cause I stopped smoking and could therefore taste normally).

- Day 4: No hunger feeling, just a sensation of well-being. And trust me, my skin became so perfect! I was wondering if I wouldn't maybe continue my detox for a while.

- Day 5: Same feelings but finally happy to finish even if that was a growth experience! The only downside was the rare cold sensations (you can remedy with some hot bath). 


I wish you could have this great experience soon with Detox-Delight.
Do not hesitate to ask me if you have any sort of question or any comments.


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