The Culottes!

Hi guys,

How are you tonight ? (T.G.I.F)
This month, I'm working a lot… not muchtime for my blog… And I hate it !
But I would like to present you my new crush: the culottes!
Yes, this name sounds strange, but that's these kind of trousers (short and large) you can see in the streets of Manhattan:)

And I like them !

So here my last shooting wearing a culotte trousers from Zara and my new Schutz shoes! Pointed toe pumps are so trendy! And once more : I like them !:) See also my cosy COS blouse.

What do you think about this new trend?

Have a great weekend…For my part I'm going to Amsterdam.


schutz10 schutz9 schuttz8 schutz7 schutz6 schutz5 schutz4 schutz3 schutz2 schutz1 schutz

Culotte & necklace: Zara
Blouse: COS
Pointed pumps: Schutz
Bag: Bally
Coat: Mango

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One Response to The Culottes!

  1. Cate Adair says:

    You look fantastic in those culottes. So carefree! Here is another culotte that I think you will love:

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