Chanel is always a good idea!

Some weeks ago, I celebrated my birthday (I turned 25, so I'm not old yet!) and I had only one wish… a Chanel Boy!

And today, I would like to thank all my friends and my family for their present!
First time as a Chanel customer, first bag… Happy girl!

As you can read in one of my older posts below, the Boy has its own history!

But today, I just want to show you how wonderful it is and how easily it can match any kind of outfit!
Here in nude (because it's very trendy for F/W), and to be rocky: my over-the-knee boots and my Chanel Boy!

Thank you <3

chanel1 chanel2 chanel3 chanel4 chanel5 chanel6 chanel7 chanel8 chanel9 chanel10 chanel11

Bag: Chanel Boy
Boots: Zara
Blouse: COS
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One Response to Chanel is always a good idea!

  1. initialscb says:

    La chaaaaaaaaaaance!!! Il est trop beau!!!!

    des bisous

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