Chanel Inside

Yesterday night occupation: watch the Chanel Inside for about 5 several times.

I couldn't keep it for myself, so I had to write something about it and share this experience.

Maison Chanel realized a mini serial on Gabrielle Chanel's life and  just published the last episode called "Chanel by Karl". Between inventions and creations, the famous life story: the perfume, the icons, the modernity, the woman, the elegance, the idea... All these kinds of words to describe the cosmopolite effect of Chanel.

Just let you drawn by the first chapter "N°5", and the others will follow directly.
Personally I only wear Chanel number five...  not like Marilyn, before bedtime but as a daily pleasure.

Discover the story about this amazing fragrance in which you can't identify the stronger ingredient. Find out why certain events happened and what they caused in the magical universe of this house of fashion.

Check the links below (French & English) and enjoy :)


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