“Bubble gum” coat

Hi everyone!

How are you today?

Do you remember when I was talking about ROCHAS pink coat? I was totally in love with this color… (I still am!)

And finally, I got one! But not a Rochas, so a little bit cheaper :)

I found it on www.asos.com… So, so pretty!

I know that for some people, colors aren't so easy to wear in Winter, but check this outfit out... do you like it?

And look how I'm rosy-cheeked with this coat :)

pink1 pink2 pink3 pink4 pink5 pink6 pink7 pink8

 Coat: Asos
Sweater & trousers: H&M
Shoes: Minelli
Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs
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One Response to “Bubble gum” coat

  1. initialscb says:

    ça faisait un moment que je n’étais pas passée! Mais…tu as coupé tes cheveux, ça te va bien mais ça change!!!!
    Ton manteau est très canon, je suis fan de cette couleur rose bonbon, je viens juste de m’en commander un chez Camaieu,

    des bises

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