Black and White = Grey!

Grey is currently the new black and/or white, it's the non-colored triumph among the neutrals and pastels.

And with all those shades of grey, it shouldn't be hard for you to find your dream version! But careful, don't forget to stay either minimalist or in total look.

I love this "color" so much: today, I mixed it with black and white, as a casual everyday-outfit. Nevertheless I'm looking forward to presenting you a total mousey grey look! And for bad days: grey with a flashy color.

And my baby, my midi skirt... I could go to sleep with it for it's so comfortable!
Texture will be important this winter: the softer it is, the faster winter will finish! (or at least, it will seem like it I'm sure)

In conclusion, you might see a lot of grey with me! So what about you and grey?

PS: the cat invited himself to the shooting :) so cute!


grey5 grey1 grey3 grey4Coat & skirt: Zara
Top: Topshop
Shoes: Zalando
Bag: Ausoni
Ring: Marc by Marc Jacobs


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