Aromatic Blends by Kiehl’s

To keep my skin perfectly hydrated and soft, I've searched for a long time THE skin care product! I wanted something free-sulfate and of course very natural…
I discovered a few months ago Kiehl's! (I already wrote something about it here) and their very interesting products!

Looking back to my skin care, let me introduce you the Aromatic Blends range: the Patchouli & Fresh Rose one (Liquid Body Cleanser & Body lotion).

 Have you already had this feeling?  Like never ending taking your shower because of its marvelous smell ? Well, this is it !

You can find the one I discovered, "Patchouli & Fresh Roses" but also "Vanilla & Cedarwood", "Fig Leaf & Sage", "Orange Flower & Lychee" and "Nashi Blossom & Pink Grapefruit". I am sure, once you've tried one of these, you’ll get addicted as I am …
To intensify this new perfect smell, get the perfume.

More products on the website

kiehls Kiehls-introduces-Aromatic-Blends

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