My Alexander Wang X H&M experience

Hello guys,
I'm so proud of this shoot! I like the quality of the photos and of course this outfit.
A little while ago, I told you everything about the capsule collection of Alexander Wang X H&M (check it out here).

So this time I'm not gonna tell you about the line itself, but about the shopping experience.

Like every girl, I woke up at 4am to be ready and posted in front of the shop at 5am.
I was so excited that I woke up early enough to have time to prepare a hot tea mug and something for Breakfast. And then began the line up and the wait for the shop to open...
I had some great moments with the other girls waiting! And guess what: I was indeed the first one to shop! :)

The collection is crazy! Sporty but if you mix it well, you can end up with a great outfit!

I bought the leggins and a tunic, I was a bit sad because in Lausanne, they didn't have any shoes to sell! Sad girl…. But I still was first so I got the other stuff that I wanted!

Here's the result!



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