50’s skirt vs detox

Good evening you,

I have not been so active this week because I was on a detox cure and therefore, tried to stand quietly at home.

Of course, you will have a complete summary of this experience on Monday.
Basically, I drank (in love… I'm joking) tasty juices based on a raw food diet to detox and cleanse my body from all the toxins and waste.
Between apples, carrots, wheatgrass, lemon, red cabbage, rosewater, chlorella, kiwi, pineapple, chard, zucchinis and many more, you have all you need during the whole day to keep energy while your body is working on the cleanse. But I'll not keep on talking about this detox to keep some surprise for the Monday post:)

So I prepared a small post to show you a little of this great detox that you can order on www.detox-delight.ch. And if you wait until Monday, you will have a juicy discount.

I wish you all a wonderful week-end and see you next week.

rose2 rose3 rose4 rose5 rose6 rose7Skirt & beanie: H&M
Pull: Dear Cashmere
Necklace: Zara
Shoes: Steve Madden
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  1. initialscb says:

    J’avais très envie de tester Detox Delight, ça a l’air génial!

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