Isabel Marant for H&M

Hi you!

Did you have time to recover from this crazy November 14th?
You know what I mean.... Isabel Marant pour H&M! :)

As you may know (by Instagram & Facebook), I was invited by H&M to the "avant-première brunch shopping" at Geneva. In the early morning… but I don't care 'cause I had been waiting long enough to have some pieces of this amazing collection: time was up! (You must probably know that Isabel Marant collection for H&M looks a lot like her regular collections)

So I arrived at 7:30 AM at the front of the main entrance: SO MANY PEOPLE WERE ALREADY WAITING... I entered the shop, and here it was in a whole corner of the shop: THE collection.

But that was so stressful! Girls had all gone crazy and were taking as many pieces as they could!
Fortunately, the crazy reversible bomber with the accompanied skirt were still there (I could sleep with this bomber as it is so soft….), so were the linen white tank top and a bracelet! I'll show you soon since I've already planned to (perfectly) wear this new outfit:)

Therefore, when I was done fighting with the others fashion girls to get my pieces, I received a small shopping bag with a surprise: a satin big scarf and a breakfast package from Martel.

Trust me, this was totally crazy, but I'm SO HAPPY :D

Here some photos of this event and have a good evening!BZAqI5gIQAA23lK.jpg-large BZAtuIEIcAABta6.jpg-large BZAt5MqIAAANS_q.jpg-large BZAwOSrIIAAqblU.jpg-large BZAxNT5IEAASPGB.jpg-large BZAx72QIAAABygI.jpg-large BZAzSt2IgAAKY24.jpg-large BZAzogMIUAAvCRS.jpg-large BZA7uPWIgAA26zm.jpg-large BZBL1LkIYAAIZ7r.jpg-large BZBMY1OIEAAgFhS.jpg-large BZBOfcmIcAApKoH.jpg-largeAll photos are from H&M (Twitter)

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